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2020 Catalog

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All Clearance Items Are Final Sale. No Exchange, Refund, or Return.

UNIFY® Clearance Sutures


Our clearance sutures are sold by thread type and size. They may consist of assorted lengths, colors and needle specifications in opened and/or slightly crushed boxes. They may be expired or soon to be expired. Each box will still contain 12 individually packaged and sealed sutures in their original sterile pouch.

Dear Customers, All AD Surgical sutures in clearance are either expired, discontinued or with other minor issues. They are for lab, research and training purposes only AND are not intended to be used on human. Please either email or fax the form below to us to complete your order! Without this agreement, we will not ship your clearance items. If we do not hear from you after 7 days, your order will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

Click here to download agreement

Nylon   |   Size 0, 30" suture - Discontinued 12 Foil Packs/Box

0   Black DIS-N-0 $8.75
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Polyester   |   Size 3-0 suture 12 Foil Packs/Box

3-0   Green DIS-E-3 $14.25
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Nylon   |   Size 1, 30" suture - Discontinued 12 Foil Packs/Box

1   Black DIS-N#1 $8.75
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PGA   |   Sutures 3-0 12 Foil Packs/Box

3/0   Violet / Undyed DIS-GP-3 $28.00
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PGA   |   Sutures 4-0 12 Foil Packs/Box

4/0   Violet / Undyed DIS-G-4 $17.25
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PGA   |   Sutures 5-0 12 Foil Packs/Box

5/0   Violet / Undyed DIS-G-5 $17.25
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PGCL   |   2-0 Surgical Sutures 12 Foil Packs/Box

2/0   Undyed / Violet DIS-Q-2 $19.75
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PGCL   |   3-0 Surgical Sutures 12 Foil Packs/Box

3/0   Undyed / Violet DIS-Q-3 $19.75
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Discontinued / Expired Microsurgery Sutures

PGA   |   XX-SMALL - 8mm, 3/8 Circle - 18" Taper Pt. -Double Needle Microsurgery Suture 12 Foil Packs/Box

6/0 18"(45cm) Violet #DIS-G-M6 $74.75
(50% off)
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PGA   |   XX-SMALL - 6.4mm, 3/8 Circle - 12" Spatula -Double Needle Microsurgery Suture 12 Foil Packs/Box

7/0 12"(30cm) Violet #DIS-G-M7 $74.75
(50% off)
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