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EZ Drape

EZ Drape

Easy to use sterile hose cover. Simply insert the handpiece or other surgical instrument through the ring and pull the plastic sleeve down. The ring slides over long hoses or cables in seconds and can be secured with the color-coded tape. Sterile drape covers helps maintain a clean and safe surgical environment to prevent postoperative infections or patient cross contamination. Ideal for all types of aseptic procedures. Individually packaged. Sterilized by EO Gas. Latex free.

  • Disposable Sterile Drape for medical /
    dental handpieces and hoses.
  • Ring diameter: 2.2" (55mm)
  • Length: 63" (1,600mm)
  • Sterile
  • Latex-Free

EZ DRAPE™ Hose & Cable Drapes

EZ Drape
Item #: A400-1000
Packing: 24 individual packs per box
Price: $59.50 / box

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Case of 6 boxes
Item #: A400-CS1000
Price: $346.00 / box

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