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Mayo stand cover

AD Surgical Sterile Mayo Stand Covers (SMS-Reinforced) are specially designed to keep the mayo stand sterile. The cover is made of a flexible PE film material that drapes over the stand to provide a protective barrier. Enhanced heavy-duty zone protection is provided by SMS fabric layered on top of the PE film.

The cover dimension is 23” x 55” (58cm x 140cm). Each drape features left and right hand labels for intuitive placement. Sterile and intended for single use only.

  • Dimension: 23” x 55” (58cm x 140cm)
  • Deliver optimal protection for maintaining a sterile field in surgery
  • Impervious PE film provides enhanced puncture resistance and eliminates fluid strike-through to avoid contaminating equipment
  • SMS zone-reinforcement layer provides protective security by supporting the weight of surgical instruments without tearing
  • Flat closure
  • Individually sealed and sterilized by EO Gas
  • Latex free
  • Color: Blue

Ice Pack

AD Surgical Sterile Mayo Stand Covers

Item #: A400-MAYO
Packing: 10 individually sealed covers per box
Price: $22.00 /box

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Case of 6 boxes ( 60 pcs total )
Item #: A400-CS-MAYO
Price: $108.00 /case

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