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GluSeal® Topical Skin Adhesive

GluSeal® is a clear liquid adhesive bandage intended to cover minor cuts, scrapes, burns and minor irritations of the skin and help protect them from infection.

  • ● New and improved formula with more flexible and smoother finish upon setting.
  • ● An effective and atraumatic alternative to sutures in closing small incisions and lacerations with better cosmetic results
  • ● Maximum strength skin adhesive that uses a blend of Butyl and Octyl Cyanoacrlate technology
  • ● High viscosity formulation which lessens adhesive runoff and polymerizes within seconds to a smooth flexible finish
  • ● Include 50 clear micro-pipettes and an autoclavable tray for precise placement of solution on wound
  • ● Each 5ml multi-use kit contains enough tissue adhesive that allow up to 50 applications
  • ● Efficient and cost-effective for all busy dermatology or other surgery practices
  • ● Two-year shelf life from manufacture date
  • ● Made in Canada

GluSeal® Topical Skin Adhesive

Item #: GLU-550
Packing: One Multi-Use Kit (1 x 5ml skin adhesive, 50 x micro-pipettes, 1 x autoclavable adhesive tray, 20 x foam tipped applicators)

Price: $130.00 /kit

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Case of 4 kits
Item #:GLU-CS-550
Price: $504.00 /case

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