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2020 Catalog

Medical Design Excellence Award


AD Surgical Foam Dressing is a highly absorbent, non-adhesive dressing made from hydrophilic polyurethane foam, ideally used for heavily exuding wounds. The soft flexible foam absorbs and retains large amount of drainage. Sterilized by EO Gas. Latex free.

  • Excellent exudate handling capacity
  • The thin protective outer film layer prevents microorganisms from entering and growing
  • Non-adhesive to wound- no residue, reduce scar formation, and pain-free dressing changes
  • Provide a moist wound micro-environment to promote healing
  • Good buffering and isolation function help maintain the body temperature and increase patient comfort
  • Sterile
  • Single Use
  • Latex free

foam dressing

3" x 3" Non-Adhesive

Item # FMD-NB-S3
Packing: 10 per box
Price: $12.00 $9.60/box
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foam dressing

4" x 4" Non-Adehesive

Item # FMD-NB-S4
Packing: 10 per box
Price: $18.00 $14.40/box
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foam fressing

6" x 6" Non-Adhesive

Item # FMD-NB-S6
Packing: 10 per box
Price: $26.00 $20.80/box
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