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2020 Catalog

Medical Design Excellence Award


Full face shields with vented foam headband for increased comfort and airflow. Anti-fog, anti-glare PET plastic film shield. Wrap-around design helps protect your full face from flying debris, droplets, aerosols, sprays and splatters. Latex free.

  • Length: 10" (25.2CM)
  • Width: 11.4" (29CM)
  • Single use: Yes
  • Packing: 5/pack

IMPORTANT NOTICE! (Updated 5/20/20)

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, we are experiencing higher than normal demand for infection control products such as drapes and gloves, among other items. Given this situation and acute market needs, we will be limiting the online purchase for our face shields to 2 packs per customer. Same item will be eligible for re-ordering in 1 week after the initial order. Face shields are only available to U.S. licensed healthcare providers.

Face Shield

Full Face Shields

Item # FS-10-5
Packing: 5 per pack
Price: $15.00 $12.00
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