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procedural mask

Procedural mask

SUPERFIT®️ Procedural Earloop Masks are registered with FDA 510K and meet all ASTM requirements for level 2 protection. They are ideal for procedures where moderate amounts of fluid, spray, and/or aerosols are produced. Our ASTM Level 2 masks offer clinicians the protection they seek, without compromising the breathability and comfort they expect. Made in Taiwan.

  • Meets ASTM F2100 Level 2 standards
  • For hospital floors, isolation, sterile core and processing, labor and delivery, ER and ICU
  • 3 layers of construction
  • 2 earloops secure mask to face
  • Single use only
  • Non-sterile
  • Latex free
  • Color: Blue

IMPORTANT NOTICE! (Updated 10/14/21)

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, all our PPE products (including Gloves, Drapes, Face Masks, Gowns, and Face Shields) are not returnable for the safety of our staff and customers. No exception to this policy.

procedural masks

SUPERFITTM procedural earloop masks
( ASTM Level 2 )

Item #: FMK-50GN
Packing: 50 pieces per box
Price: $35.00 /box

$7.00 /case (80% OFF Clearance) Add to Cart

Case of 40 boxes (2000 masks total)
Item #: FMK-50-CS
Price: $1,400.00 /case

$280.00 /case (80% OFF Clearance) Add to Cart

Specifications of SUPERFIT® Procedural Earloop Masks

Name SUPERFIT® Procedural Earloop Mask
Sterile No
Level of Protection Level 2
Type Procedure
Fluid Resistant Yes
Fluid Protection Moderate
ASTM F2100-11 Yes
ASTM Level of Protection 2
BFE (3) ≥ 98%
SPLASH RESISTANCE (80,120,160) 120
PFE (.1) ≥ 98%

About ASTM standards for face masks

ASTM defines more than 12,500 international standards for safety and quality across a wide variety of industries and services. Healthcare organizations globally adopt ASTM recommendations to implement best practices.

For face masks, ASTM sets three levels of barrier protection:

  1. Level 1: low barrier protection - general use for short procedures and exams that do not involve aerosols, spray or fluids.
  2. Level 2: moderate barrier protection - for low to moderate levels of aerosols, spray and/or fluids.
  3. Level 3: maximum barrier protection - for heavy levels of aerosols, spray and/or fluids.
To determine if a mask is level 1, 2 or 3, ASTM evaluates several characteristics, including bacterial filtration efficiency, sub-micron particulate filtration, differential pressure and flame spread. The greatest difference between the three levels is in the mask’s resistance to penetration by synthetic blood. The minimum resistance pressure in a Level 3 mask is double that of a Level 1 mask.

§Free Samples are available for U.S. licensed health care professionals. Restrictions apply. Please call us for details.