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WOUND FREETM Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressing (with Border) is a thicker dressing with beveled edges for sealing and protecting mild to moderately exuding wounds. When the dressing comes into contact with wound fluids, it forms a viscous gel that absorbs exudates to provide an optimal moist wound healing environment.

  • A thicker version for mild to moderately exuding wounds
  • Unique beveled edge design reduces the curing and folding incidence and prolongs the use cycle of dressing
  • The protective outer layer creates a waterproof and breathable barrier to external pollutants and bacteria
  • Unique skin-friendly adhesive contact layer ensure good adaptation of the dressing to the skin for enhanced patient comfort
  • Sterile
  • Single Use
  • Latex free

foam dressing

2" x 2" Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressings
(with border)

Item # HDD-S2
Packing: 20 pcs per box
Price: $19.50 /box
$17.55 (10% OFF)
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foam fressing

4" x 4" Hydrocolloid Adhesive Dressings
(with border)

Item # HDD-S4
Packing: 10 pcs per box
Price: $19.50 /box
$17.55 (10% OFF)
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