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Sterile drape pack helps maintain a clean and safe surgical environment to prevent postoperative infections or patient cross contamination. Ideal for dental implant surgery or other aseptic procedures. Simplify procedural setup with 14 essential disposable products included in one convenient package. Uni-size gowns and drapes. Sterilized by EO gas. Latex free.

Each pack contains the following sterile items:

  1. 2 Procedure gowns, universal size
  2. 2 Facemasks with ties, 2 Bouffant caps
  3. 2 Absorbent cotton scrub towels, 20x40 cm (white),
    1 Surgical instrument tray
  4. 1 Impervious patient drape with tape, 112x152 cm
  5. 2 Table or mayo stand covers with adhesive tape,
    64x63 cm
  6. 1 Absorbent O/R towel
  7. 1 Saliva ejector, 1 Surgical aspirator tip,
    2 Cotton tip applicators, 25 Gauze swabs
  8. 4 Light handle/ chair button barrier film
  9. 1 Medical wrapping sheet, 90x90cm

IMPORTANT NOTICE! (Updated 10/14/21)

Due to the ongoing COVID situation, our Oral Surgery Drape Packs (O-PAK) are not returnable for the safety of our staff and customers. No exception to this policy.

EZ Drape
O-Pak® Sterile Oral Surgery Drape Packs

Item #: A200-3000
Packing: 6 packs per box
Price: $120.00 /box

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Case of 4 boxes
Item #: A200-CS-3000
Price: $440.00 /box

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"Excellent product priced better than competition."
Arthur Acker, DDS, PA
Oral Implantologist, Venice, FL

"The O-Pak is simple but effective. It comes with pretty much everything you need to establish a sterile implant friendly enviroment. Reducing possible sources of infection during an implant procedure significantly contributes to implant success so its a must."
John Addison,DMD
General Dentist, Miami, FL

"Reasonable price. Very satisfied with O-Pak Surgery Drape Packs."
Prasit Aranyarachkul, DDS
Periodontist, Saratoga, CA

"It's very thorough and has everything I need. Plus it's affordable."
Meena Barsoum, DMD
General Dentist, Arlington Heights, IL

"Great comprehensive product. Very satisfied with O-Pak."
Brandon L. Greer, DDS
General Dentist, Hallsville, TX

"I like the convenience of all the sterlized drapes and the gauzes, especailly the tape that helps it stay in place. I wish there was more sterile blue tape in the pack 4 pieces is not enough. I also wish you would use non woven gauze instead of woven gauze."
David Kallus, DMD, PA
Periodontist, Englewood, NJ

"Very complete pack. Extremely satisfied with O-Pak."
David Klebanow, DMD
General Dentist, Williston Park, NY

"The pack is well organized and provides the majority of items necessary. The plastic tray seems a little small and the sides a bit high, however that design is probably due to the need to package everything together in one package. Overall, I like the pack and plan to continue using it."
Richard C. Lee, DDS
General Dentaist, San Francisco, CA

"Wonderful pack, good price, peace of mind!"
Yathi Lingam, DDS
General Dentist, Olympia, WA

"We have never had any issues with the O-Pak. Price, quality and contents are all reasons for purchasing."
Stephen Munroe, DDS
Periodontist, San Diego, CA

"Very good quality and value!"
Minhchau Nguyen, DMD, MS
Periodontist, Chicago, IL

"Economical has all necessary items. Extremely satisfied with O-Pak."
Savithri P.Ravindran, DDS
General Dentist, Arcadia, CA

"O-Pak comes with necessary items and is reliable."
Vinod Rana, DDS
General Dentist, Anaheim Hills, CA

"The O-Pak provide the basic supply that needed in my implant surgery at a reasonable price."
Jui Min Su, DDS, MS
Prosthodontist, Ontario, CA

"It has everything I need to provide the service I expect to my patients when doing implant placements."
Christos A Tsiatis, DDS
General Dentist, Bayside, NY

"Great and consistent quality. Easy to use at excellent price."
H. John Wu, DDS
General Dentist, San Mateo, CA