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SHARD Scalepels

Following a surgical procedure or during the initial stage of an acute injury (within 24-48 hours), cold therapy can help to relieve pain and swelling. Our reusable cold gel packs help constrict blood vessels and decrease tissue temperature, resulting in decreased blood flow and less swelling and bruising.

Cold gel pack is commonly used for dermal fillers, chemical peels, facial injections, oral surgery and other surgical procedures.

  • 4” diameter with soft cloth backing
  • Provides comfortable cold therapy for up to 20 minutes
  • Freezes quickly for re-use
  • Gel remains flexible when frozen
  • Cannot be warmed or heated
  • Non-toxic
  • Color: Cool Blue

Ice Pack

AD Surgical Reusable Cold Gel Packs
(4” Round)

Item #: T430-BU
Packing: 10 packs per bag
Price: $24.00 /bag
Sale Price: $22.00
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Case of 50 packs
Item #: T430-CS-BU
Price: $120.00 /case
Sale Price: $99.50
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§Free Samples are available for U.S. licensed health care professionals. Restrictions apply. Please call us for details.