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Unigraft bone graft

UNIGRAFT® is made of synthetic bioactive glass material. The product is conveniently packaged in a sterile vial and stored within a hermetically sealed foil pouch to ensure product sterility prior to implantation. UNIGRAFT® offers an osteogenic framework for new bone growth and bolsters a higher level of osteoblastic activity to enhance bone regeneration. FDA has cleared this product for use in treating periodontal defects, extractions sites, sinus elevation, apicoectomy and root resection, cranial and facial augmentation and augmentation of the alveolar ridges.

Each box includes 5 vials.

  • Easy to use -- quickly stabilizes the wound site
  • Non-pyrogenic and non-immunogenic
  • Compatible with autologous and freeze-dried bone
  • Completely resorbable and transforms into natural bone with time

  Unigraft® Product Flyer (PDF File)

2x2 gauze pads
Bone Graft 0.5 gram (200-600um)

Item #: U03-0105
Packing: 5 Vials
Price: $182.00/box $163.80 (10% off)

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2x2 gauze pads
Bone Graft 1.0 gram (200-600um)

Item #: U03-0205
Packing: 5 Vials
Price: $292.00/box $262.80 (10% off)

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