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Cordless Lab Motor
Lab Motor

    A compact yet powerful dental lab motor that runs on an internal rechargeable battery. Made to be mobile, this cordless lab motor allows you to perform lab works
on the go.

  • A powerful DC motor that provide maximum speed of up to 25,000 RPM
  • Controller unit has a large LED display for real-time RPM check
  • Perfect for chairside adjustment, polishing and other light duty lab works
  • Also ideal for preparing study models during fabrication of EZ Stent®
  • Included accessories: on/off foot pedal, handpiece and controller stand, battery charger and waist belt pocket.

Lab Drill Set
AD Surgical Cordless Dental Lab Motor

Item #: LAB-M100
Packing: 1 Set
Price:$799.00 /set

Click here to download product manual (#LAB-M100)