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2018 NEW Catalog
Sterile Handpiece Sheath

The sterile sheaths are designed to cover most electrosurgical handpieces and their cords to reduce chance of cross contamination between patients. Each sheath comes with a holding card to help insertion of the handpiece. Works well with both Hyfrecator* and Aaron/Bovie** handpieces. Sterilized by EO Gas. Latex Free.

  • Sterile and individually sealed
  • Ring diameter: 1.3” ( 34 mm )
  • Length: 35.4” ( 900 mm )

AD Surgical Sterile Handpiece Sheaths

Item #: A400-STH
Packing: 24 sealed packs per box
Price: $9.00/box 75%OFF

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*Hyfrecator® is a trademark of ConMed Corporation ** Aaron® and Bovie® are trademarks of Bovie Medical Corporation

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