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i-PLUG™ is a universal abutment filler made of medical grade PTFE, which is a non-toxic and highly biocompatible material that is used in manufacturing surgical sutures and barrier membranes.

  • • A semi-soft and packable filler that can adapt and completely fill out the space inside an abutment hole, and it can be easily removed in one piece when needed
  • • More hygienic and user-friendly than traditional filler materials such as cotton pellets and gutta percha
  • • One size PTFE rod (Ø1.8mm x 50 mm) can be easily cut to appropriate length to fit abutment holes of both screw-retained and cement-retained crowns
  • • Works well with our new Filling and Removal (FR) Instrument (item #D030-017)
  • • i-PLUG™ is fully autoclavable to prevent cross-contamination

i-Plug® PTFE Fillers

Item#: D030-050
Packing: Box of 15

Price: $49.50/box
Introductory Special

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Filling & Removal (FR)® Instrument

Item#: D030-017
Packing: 1 Double-sided Instrument

Price: $39.50
Introductory Special

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